Day 3 Jalie Julia SewAlong

Welcome back to Day 3 of the Jalie Julia Camisole SewAlong!

Today we have 3 goals:

  • Attach FOE
  • Attach Ring/Sliders
  • Hem (if sewing the camisole)

In the video, I use my sewing machine to baste and top-stitch my FOE, but you can also choose to use either a coverstitch machine or a double needle for top-stitching and hemming.  I found some tips for using a double needle here on Nancy Zieman’s Blog.

I’m thrilled you joined me for the SewAlong and Congratulations on your new Juila!  As a bonus for completing the Julia from Jalie Patterns you can share your creation on their website for a chance to win a $25 gift card from Jalie!  They choose one winner each month!

Again, I want to say THANK YOU to our sponsors, Jalie and The Fabric Fairy and thank YOU for joining me!

Happy Sewing!


Day 2 Jalie Julia SewAlong

Hi and welcome back to Day 2 of the Jalie Julia Camisole SewAlong!

Here are our goals for today:

  • Cut Fabric
  • Cut Fold Over Elastic (using chart in the pattern tutorial)
  • Sew Side Seams

That’s it!  It’s a quick day.  If you chose the panty option, use today to attach the crotch/lining piece.

Join me tomorrow for Day 3 to finish up!

Happy Sewing!


How to make the Jalie Julia Camisole into a Nightgown

If you like to wear nightgowns, the Jalie Julia is a great option, and this simple pattern adjustment will have you making one for each night of the week!
2018-07-17 13.30.49-1

FIRST: Determine how many inches you would like to add to the pattern.

I had already sewn up a camisole without adjustments for pattern testing, so to determine the length I needed to add, I simply tried on the camisole, and with my tape measure and a mirror, I determined I wanted to add 7 inches to the pattern’s length.  **You must also add in your Hem allowance, which I myself forgot to do, so I ended up securing the side seam and leaving it unhemmed.**  For reference, I am 5’5″ tall.

Whenever I sew a new pattern, I typically make a “muslin,” or test garment using inexpensive fabric.  It will help you determine what adjustments, if any, are needed to get the best fit.

SECOND:  Make Adjustments to your pattern piece.

To do this, you will need:

  • paper
  • ruler
  • pattern piece
  • marker
  • scissors or rotary cutter and mat


The first step was to make some connecting dots.   I used my ruler to mark several points, which extended 7 inches from the hem.  I also extended the side seam using my large cutting ruler.  To do this, I simply lined the ruler up even with the side seam and continued with the same angle adding seven inches.

2018-07-13 23.35.52

Then, I connected the dots and cut out my new pattern piece.

2018-07-13 23.40.09

Follow the same simple steps for the back piece and that’s it!  It is that easy!

Happy Sewing!


Day 1 Jalie Julia SewAlong

Hello and welcome to the first day for the Jalie Julia Camisole SewAlong!

First, many thanks to The Fabric Fairy for sponsoring and to Jalie for letting us use your pattern!  I am happy you have joined me to sew up this fantastic pattern.  

Today we have several goals to accomplish:

  • Determine which size or option you will sew.
  • Print, put together, and cut out your pattern.
  • Make Alterations (optional)  Follow tutorial here if you are adding length for a nightgown
  • Choose Fabric!


  • Jalie Julia 3886 pattern
  • Rotary Cutter and Mat and/or Fabric Shears
  • Wonder Clips and/or Pins
  • 1 ring/2 sliders (for adjustable straps for the camisole or bralette option)
  • Pattern weights
  • Measuring Tape
  • Fold Over Elastic
  • Knit Fabric with at least 50% 4-way stretch (good recovery is also important for the bralette and panty option)

Determine Your Size

For sewing the camisole option, the Full Bust is the most important measurement you will take as there is quite a bit of ease in the swing style for your waist and hips.  You can also utilize the torso measurement to determine if you need to add or subtract any length to the pattern piece.

As stated in the video for Day 1, I measured my Full Bust, but I also took my Upper Bust measurement.  I use my Upper Bust measurement to help myself determine sizing because I typically do a Full Bust Adjustment (FBA) for most of the items I sew for myself.  It helps me achieve the best fit possible.  HOWEVER, I do not ALWAYS make a FBA, especially when sewing with knit fabrics with a lot of stretch.  I HIGHLY recommend making a muslin, or practice garment, any time you are using a pattern for the first time.  It’s a step that I rarely skip.  It’s difficult to know if a FBA, or any adjustment, is really necessary unless you make a muslin FIRST and try it on to find any possible fitting issues.  With the Julia I sewed up during the testing period, I was very pleased with the fit without any adjustments made to any of the pattern pieces.

Jalie has a wonderful photo tutorial on their website with LOTS of helpful information for sizing, especially if you fall into many different sizes (like myself and my daughter!).  You can find the information here on the Jalie website.

Printing and Assembling your Pattern

One little detail (But it’s my FAVORITE!) that Jalie added to their newest 14 pattern collection is a print guide that utilizes the layers function of the pdf pattern pieces.  I am a visual person, and it’s so easy to quickly see and write down which pages I need to print for the option I have chosen to sew!  I highlighted it in the SewAlong video, but you can also find out more information on the Jalie Blog.

If you need more assistance with how to print or assemble your pattern pieces, follow this link to the Jalie Blog for some very helpful tips!


For sewing the camisole option, it’s important to choose a fabric with good drape.  My favorites are the bamboo blends from the Fabric Fairy.  It is the softest fabric and it’s also breathable, which is especially important because the Julia is my go-to pajama pattern!  It’s difficult for me to choose whether I like the cotton bamboo spandex or the bamboo spandex more because I love them both!  If you are new to sewing with knit fabric, the bamboo cotton spandex blend has more stability, so it is easier to sew in my opinion.

If you choose to sew the bralette or the panty option, I recommend one of her cotton spandex or other breathable fabrics with good recovery.

There you have it!  You’ve completed Day 1 and I hope to see you back here tomorrow for Day 2 of the Jalie Julia Camisole SewAlong!

I recommend joining The Fabric Fairy Facebook Group to hear about more SewAlongs, get shop updates, win prizes, and more!

Happy Sewing!



Journey Romper

I’ve been itching to sew a romper for this season! At first, I wasn’t sure that it would flatter my figure, so I kept putting it at the bottom of my sewing to-do list. However, when Mandalynn, from Striped Swallow Designs (affiliate), put out the testing call for this adorable romper, I took the opportunity to finally try one out!


I think it turned out fantastic! It’s flattering, comfortable, and trendy! I was going for a Fourth of July look with this Poly Rayon Spandex French terry from Knitpop! I used a woven Chambray for the ties, also from Knitpop.


This is View A of the pattern, it’s the more modest option using the crossover pieces. I made just a few minor fit adjustments to accommodate my full bust. I lengthened the front bodice by 1 1/2 inches, and in this tester, I didn’t add length to the cross back pieces, but I will with the next version I sew. It’s important to only add the length at the side Seam for the crossover piece, otherwise the pattern piece will not match for the ties.

For my second tester, I chose View D. It’s the more modest option using the crossover pieces in the front.


I made this view with a soft double Brushed Poly in a beautiful olive green from Pretty Posh Prints. I think it was the perfect color to coordinate with my caramel/gold accessories!

I made just a slight change to the front piece again to accommodate my full Bust. Here I added about 1 1/2 inches to the middle of the piece and curved it back to the both the Side Seam and Tie Seam. I liked the way it fit with this adjustment! One design element that I like most are the shorts, because of the ease they almost look like culouttes.


Overall, it’s difficult to choose a favorite view because I love them both! Both views make it really easy to nurse my little one and keep me cool in the hot summer heat! The pattern includes four views, videos detailing how to assemble the casing and how to tie the wrap, and instructions to help make adjustments to fit your unique shape. Check out all the details and more tester photos on the website over at Striped Swallow Designs (affiliate) and grab the pattern during release and try them both to see which you prefer! Use the code journeyromper to get $3 off until July 12th!

Happy Sewing!


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Mini Pals from Heidi & Finn

Hello all!  I’m normally a knit sewist and enjoy making clothes for our little family and friends, but I have something special to share with you from Christine over at Heidi & Finn!  I just finished a test for this adorable Mini Pals Set and I’m in love!  It comes with so many options and you can really personalize it for the special little girl (or boy!) in your life.  I made one for my daughter and she’s loved it!


When she woke up from her nap after I’d finally finished it, she took it for a ride in her car, sang her a song, and played “dinner time” at her table with dolly!  Kat helped me pick out the fabrics for her dolly and the messenger bag, and she had to have pink hair.  It’s the first doll that she’s really played with and it makes me feel so proud that mommy made it for her!

This set comes with 3 patterns: Mini Pals Doll, Dress Up Set, and Backpack/Messenger Bag.  All three will be bundled for only a limited time during the release of the patterns, so be sure to get yours from Heidi & Finn when it’s bundled!  The Mini Pal doll pattern has 8 hairline options and you can choose to add a bun, ponytail, or pigtails.  The Dress up set comes with patterns for a peasant style dress or blouse, skirt, knit socks, pants/joggers, baseball hat, and a slouchy beanie.  The Backpack/Messenger bag is my favorite part about this set because it has a carrier for the doll!  Kat asked for the carry me messenger bag because she wanted a “purse” for her dolly.  It’s really practical because it holds all the accessories that you make for your dolly!

Here are the options that I sewed up during testing…

  • Carry Me Messenger Bag
  • Peasant Dress
  • Knit Socks
  • Mini Pal with pig tails


The pattern is easy to follow and it’s suitable for even a beginner!  The instructions are clear and you can sew the entire set with just a sewing machine!  I’m sure as the weather starts to get warmer here in Indiana, Kat will enjoy taking her dolly to the park, today we went out on a walk and she loved having a “purse” like mommy to carry her along with us!


Get the pattern bundled together now during release for only $14.99CAD (That’s just about $12 USD)! Here’s a link to the pattern!

Happy Sewing!


Striped Swallow Mainland Collection

Next up, I had the privilege of testing Striped Swallow’s first mini collection.  The Highlander Dolman and Rhapsody Joggers just released and both are amazing!  It’s a comfy and stylish set.  If you aren’t familiar with Mandalynn’s designs, head over to Striped Swallow to check them out!  She has a very boho chic style to her patterns that I just love!

First, let’s talk patterns.  Here is the Highlander Dolman.


I’d have to say this may be my favorite dolman sleeve top pattern to date.  It’s a little dressy, yet casual and has a nice detail in the back!  You can choose from two back options.  One is a low back (light grey top) and the other is a higher back option (pink and black floral).  You can finish the back with a strap, ties, or the t-back.  I think the tied back is my favorite!  You can also choose an elbow sleeve or long sleeve and there are 2 hem options, the solid tops are done with a straight hem and the floral has the curved hem.

The second part to the collection are these slouchy pocket joggers.  Introducing the Rhapsody Joggers…


They are designed to have a relaxed fit at your waist, hips, and thighs and are more fitted at your calves and ankles.  The patterns come in sizes XS-XXL.  The slouchy pockets are my favorite part!  They have a slight dropped crotch look, but if you wear them a little higher on your waist you can decrease the drop crotch.

Now, let’s talk about fabrics!  One of my favorite things about sewing is choosing the perfect fabrics for your project.  For this test I used fabrics from So Sew English, Vinegar and Honey, and Raspberry Creek Fabrics.

So Sew English was a sponsor for the jogger test and I used this beautiful poly rayon spandex french terry for these joggers and some double brushed poly for my top.  French terry is my FAVORITE of all the knit fabrics that I’ve worked with.  This particular fabric from So Sew English is so soft and luxurious feeling with the perfect drape for these pants!  Check out the current stock of french terry available on their website.  It’s perfect for tops, dresses, and joggers!  The double brushed poly is the same fabric that’s used by the ever so popular Lularoe leggings, so of course it’s super soft and this outfit couldn’t be anymore comfy!


For my next look, I used some double brushed poly for the top and the joggers from Vinegar and Honey.  I felt like the double brushed poly was very similar in fit for the joggers as the poly rayon spandex French Terry.  Just as comfy as the first look and don’t you love that lace detail on the back of the top?!  It’s some that I’ve had in my fabric stash for awhile.


My last look came from Raspberry Creek Fabrics.  I used a rayon spandex for the top in this beautiful floral.  It’s a lighter weight fabric that will be perfect as we enter warmer weather this year.  I paired it with Diana’s gorgeous cotton spandex french terry in these oatmeal joggers.  This french terry has great stretch and is a heavier weight than the poly rayon spandex french terry.   You can see that the pockets are a bit more structured in this heavier french terry.  It’s necessary to have at least 50% stretch for the fabric used for the jogger pattern because of how it’s fitted in the calves.


Well… there you have it!  Both are on sale and you can get them for $14 through February 12th at 11:59CST (no coupon needed).  Now, go get your patterns on sale from Striped Swallow Designs.

Happy Sewing!



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